About Us - Romsuniverse

Can we all just take a moment as true gaming enthusiasts to acknowledge that we miss the old days… badly? Of course, whatever we play now may have taken everything a step further but why miss out on a bygone era full of games you know you just have to play? Perhaps you did not consider buying them when they were released? Perhaps you were not even born when they came out? Does that mean they are completely off limits to you? Not on our watch, they aren’t!

We are the ROMS Universe, one of the young upstarts that are committed to providing all the information you need regarding the most sought after Emulators and ROMs available, the magic devices that make the video games of yesteryear so much more accessible to the current generation of hard-core gamers.

By reviewing our selection of Emulators/ROMs you can bet that you are going to get all the benefits you can expect. Let us name a few right now just to get you drooling and excited – enhanced resolution, the ability to play with various controllers, a quick and easy download, and genuinely small sizes.

So long as your current hardware is up to it, our emulators can copy older hardware to give it backward compatibility. So in effect, you can play the games that were originally configured for your Playstation or Playstation 2 on the latest Playstation you have. The same goes for Xbox and other devices like Nintendo and Gameboy. But of course, acquiring the relevant code and data means using the ROMs.

One thing gamers will like about the ROMs we offer is that they occupy a minimal amount of space. There is little to no chance of a game installation taking up more than a single megabyte. Compare that with your average game which will take up at least 100MB to install, and usually a lot more. That right there means you can pile up a truly enormous collection of retro games that you can enjoy just as you might have at the time of their release... possibly even better.

Upon looking up emulators and ROMs online, you will find plenty of sites that offer them. But by choosing us, you are guaranteed to find a selection of ROMs to suit just about any device you use. Our list extends well over 100 different ROMs so there will be something for everyone. Happy gaming!