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Game Gear

This is perhaps one of the more underrated systems we are offering. Granted, it had a stronger than usual appeal to the Japanese market. However, there are some pretty cool English releases as well.

How does the Game Gear perform? It is designed to be easy to hold and control. Its size, buttons, and dimensions have been configured just so. It uses a mono speaker which by current standards, is not particularly impressive. However, you can switch to your headphones for better sound quality.

Meanwhile, the screen was also ground breaking when it came out but again, is an underwhelming experience for someone who is used to modern picture quality. It certainly looks and functions like a product of its time. Perhaps, when you consider that a backlit screen on a handheld console was unprecedented back in 1990, you will appreciate Sega’s efforts a little more.

This system runs on 6 AA batteries. However, be prepared to stockpile on these since you will not be playing on a single set for more than a few hours. Surprisingly however, the battery duration time is still pretty consistent with the current standards although this system is almost 3 decades old. You can only imagine what people in the 90’s must have felt.

Playing games on it is not too bad at all. Actually, it is rather good. You would have plenty of fun playing games like Sonic 2 or Jurassic Park. Also, you do not have to turn the system off when switching cartridges.