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Nintendo DS

These days have been a bit of a renaissance for Super Nintendo games. But it is almost 3 decades old now. So is it any good?

Putting aside the fact that it’s out of the pages of ancient history, the replacement for the 8-bit NES boasts some incredible capabilities such as playing original cartridges with 1080p resolution, excellent sound quality, and no lag at all.

There is a lot to take in about the cosmetics of it as well. The super Nintendo may come from an era of infantile-looking retro gaming console but it is very different. It is heavier, made from a thick matte plastic. The color is jet black and this makes the console look crisp and sharp. It still looks beautiful today.

However, the best part of the design is the SNES’ buttons. You may notice there are only 3, hence their ingenuity. Each one has its own unique way of functioning. The ‘on/off’ button flicks forward or back, the ‘Eject’ button requires a firm press as does the ‘reset’ button.

However, because this came out in 1992, it was very difficult for the designers to foresee absolutely everything. The SNES is not really compatible with HDTVs. It will take a frustratingly long time of tuning before you get any results. And even when you do, you are not going to appreciate the quality very much. But that is beside the point.

You cannot reasonably expect a device from the early nineties to not have its limitations in this day and age. But as a retro gaming experience, the Super Nintendo is like no other.