Playstation Portable

If you were invited to a playdate with your friend and found out they were playing their PSP in their spare time, you probably left crying and begging your mom to get you one… which of course she refused. The PSP is undeniably one of the most beautiful consoles you could buy. With its black face and silver accents, it looks elemental, elegant, understated, and classy. Yes, we gamers have taste too.

And thank goodness it looks beautiful or else how does one get through the sinfully long load time for each game? The graphics are not far off from the PS2, so they are good but not brilliant. However, there is an integrated 802.11b wireless LAN access so you can engage with other PSPs online.

Still, gaming is very much the focus of the PSP. Sony has also given a memory stick duo card slot to accommodate your music, photos, and videos as well as a USB port for importing the same type of files from your PC. Games come in the form of Sony’s new mini cartridges. Incidentally, they can store movies as well.

So while the PSP is a great gaming console, it works well as a multimedia device too. Is it absolutely brilliant? Well, the volume coming through the headphone is not that loud so you can really only enjoy it in a library or your room. Plus, actually storing the media content of the memory stick duo is a bit fiddly. However, you will not feel obliged to tell anyone because it looks absolutely gorgeous.