Playstation 2

PS 2 came out in late 2000 and was in high demand straight away. There was no internet access at first but it did have the most powerful engine you could have bought at the time. It could also play all your DVDs and audio CDs and that gave it a definitive edge over the competition in terms of pure entertainment value.

The PS 2 is not particularly light compared to other lightweight consoles. It tips the scales at a hefty 5 pounds. Strangely however, the extra weight sort of adds a whole new level of prestige to it. Upon opening the box, you will not find any games, movies, or other entertainment pieces, but you will find a sweet analog DualShock2 controller, stereo audio plugs, and an AV cable with RCA video.

The PS2 has 4MB of video ram and a 128 bit CPU and 32MB memory. However, the console is not quite as impressive as others like the Xbox or GameCube. But it is certainly quite a looker, finished in black and handsomely bearing the PS2 logo on top.

But speaking of what of the PS2 lacks, we come to the graphics. Next to its rivals from Xbox and GCN, the PS2’s graphics are the least advanced of the three. But take it out of the next-gen consoles company and then the graphics start to look a lot better.

However, we have saved the best for last: Games. The PS2 boasts one of the largest video game libraries ever. You could go through several hundred and still not be done!

If you have got one, it is definitely a keeper.