The original PlayStation came out in 1996 and was Sony’s answer to the SNES, and up until the arrival of the PlayStation 2 at least, it was one of the best consoles on the market. So let’s see what’s what.

PlayStation’s graphics were top notch at the time of its release but they soon fell second to Nintendo’s N64 which came slightly later. That said, however, the graphics are still demonstrably impressive. They had to be, since most of its gaming library was focused on graphics

And then we come to the sound quality. Often times, a gamer has the tremendous hardship of choosing between terrific graphics and terrific sound quality in their console. The sound quality of the original PlayStation is about as impressive as the graphics. The music for the games was not too bad either. And the sound effects, pretty epic.

The original PlayStation boasts one of the most magnificent gaming libraries in the world. It offered something for everyone – sports games, platformer games, role-playing games, fighting games, action games, strategy games, shooting games, horror games – they were all there and they all play exceptionally well. The only systems that could rival a gaming library like that are the NES and SNES.

Overall, the original PlayStation is deeply impressive. While nowhere near as good looking as its descendants, it was still the spearhead that Sony needed to land deep in the money making heart of the gaming industry. No doubt it created all the more anticipation and high expectation for the PlayStation 2 that would replace it in the new millennium.