Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS was launched back in 2004 and was the first ever handheld console to contain features like dual screens, a touchpad, and internet connectivity. It was, therefore, a proper millennial, and in many ways, very much ahead of the competition. It would eventually be topped by the DS Lite in 2006.

Now that we have progressed more than a decade beyond both models, the more desirable of the two would have to be the Lite version. It is an altogether lighter console, gave off better screen quality, and had a longer battery life. Meanwhile, the computing power remains the same as in the ordinary DS.

Regardless of which one you choose, neither is going to fit too well in an average-sized pocket. The only way to make it portable is to wear a backpack or cargo pants. Still, not a bad compromise for something with a dual screen setup.

More on that dual screen layout, the screen on top displays the main view for the game while the bottom one contains menus, maps, and so on. Aside from all the painfully visible fingerprint marks, it works just fine. The touch system is highly sensitive.

PSP fans will point out that their console offers more multimedia features than the DS. There is also nothing particularly impressive about its graphics output and sound quality. However, Nintendo’s focus is primarily on offering gamers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience, and they seem to have pulled this off rather well.