Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 is over 21 years old now. Feel old yet? Even today, it is regarded by many gamers as simply the best gaming console ever released. So what is it that makes it so highly regarded?

Being a Nintendo, you would expect the hardware to be pretty much unbreakable, and it is, at least because it comes with a lifetime warranty on the console, games, and other things. With the ability to sustain hard landings and extreme weights, we reckon you could not ruin it even if you tried.

Sound quality, on the other hand, cannot be so highly rated. The trouble was that the Nintendo 64 used cartridges, not CDs. However, the sound is of CD quality. Alas, bringing the sound quality up would simply take up too much space on the cartridge. However, it is not the absolute worst in the world. It is good enough to get used to after a while.

When it came out, there was no other system on earth that could match the graphics of the n64. It slam dunk top trumped all of its competition including PCs. PlayStation, and Sega. What’s more, there was even an expansion pack added later on that increased the video ram from 4MB to 8MB. Inevitably, games like Zelda, Donkey Kong 64, and Majora’s mask all needed the expansion pack to run.

All things considered, the Nintendo 64 was so advanced and attractive that it would command respect from even the most cynical millennial gamer.