How much do you care about the weight of your console? Probably not much if it is just right. The GameCube tips the scales at just 3 pounds, just heavy enough for you to notice when it is in your hand, no more. However, this could also be a bit of a let-down for some gamers since it can come across as a bit fragile. Also, the buttons have a rather unusual arrangement.

That said, there are some rather more pressing details about it that make it a great console. Its power source is an IBM 485-MHz PowerPC CPU, a specially configured ATI 3-D graphics chipset, and full system memory of 40MB. Certainly no weakling then.

Aside from its compact size and weight, this console is all business. It has up to 4 controller ports, a couple of expansion slots, one for a broadband adapter and the other for a standard issue analog modem. Proprietary memory cards which are sold separately contain game data. The machine has a couple of slots for those located at the front.

The games use 3-inch optical discs capable of storing up to 1.5GB. Meanwhile, the Matsushita disc drive runs them swift and silent.

The games are not that bad either. Some of the highlights include Luigiā€™s Mansion, Pikmin, and Super Smash Bros.

The GameCube does not have DVD playback like the PlayStation 2 or Xbox, but it is also a heck of a lot cheaper to buy. However, you still get a proper list of titles, a compact and lightweight design, and some pretty formidable power.